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Keyboard Master II

Keyboard Master 2 software

Taking a more fun approach to learning how to type is Keyboard Master II from Nahlik Soft. Suitable for kids as well as adults, this software allows you to follow set courses, or learn freely in your own way by picking specific exercises.

Educational games are incorporated too. The "Bomber" game has missiles dropping from the top of the screen, each one having a letter written on it which you must type to save the town below. The "Gallery" game has you typing words to uncover famous pieces of art.

Download trial (7.07MB)

Rocket Typing

Rocket Typing software

Rocket Typing is a different kind of software, aimed at helping you speed up your typing through using shortcut abbreviations. Particularly suited to professions where you often type similar phrases, paragraphs or need a fast way to enter the date.

The software stores a library of your customized "snippets" for use at any time, and will pop up a tool tip bubble when it detects an abbreviation so there's no need to remember them precisely.

Here's a brief example.

Download trial (2MB)