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Blu-Ray ripper software

Blu-Ray Rippers

With the Blu-Ray format already established as the future of movies in high definition, software is now being made to give the user flexibility. At the forefront of these are Blu-Ray rippers, which allow you to convert a Blu-Ray disc into a movie file, for use in your home or on the go.

Whether you want to watch your movies on a mobile phone, iPod, home console, laptop, or simply want to make backups, Blu-Ray rippers will be able to help you out.

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Typing software

Typing tutor software

Now more than ever, typing is an invaluable skill for the majority of us living in the modern world. Being able to type correctly can make you more efficient in personal circumstances and in your professional life. I'm bashing out this paragraph at an incredible rate right now.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an accomplished typist in need of brushing up, this selection of typing software will help you find your natural groove. Also listed are a number of typing aides which use macros or predictive features to help you type at length using less keystrokes.

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iPod converter software

iPod converter software

The iconic iPod device from Apple has wormed its way into popular culture. From humble beginnings, today's iPods are capable of showing vibrant video content as well as playing music. To watch movies on the go though, you will likely need some way of converting your DVDs or video files into an iPod-friendly format.

That's where converter software comes in.

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